Corporate Profile
Hibex Philosophy
Hibex - A Trusted Name
Hibex was established in 1988 to serve the rapidly growing markets in South East Asia. Through the years, Hibex has evolved from a simple vendor into a sophisticated Total Solution Provider (T.S.P) supplying a wide range of materials as well as machinery to the ever-changing of PCB,PCBA and Semiconductor Industries. To complete this role, Hibex has committed full resources to provide highly complex after sales engineering services to meet the challenges and demands of customers.
Our Quality Commitment
Hibex is firmly committed to the highest level of quality standards. We have worked diligently towards this goal and were awarded the ISO9001 certification in 1995.
The Hibex Network
Hibex prides itself on the ability to service our customers locally. We can respond quickly to the needs of any customers through our Hibex network. This network with more than 150 well-trained staff provides product distribution and technical services throughout our branches established in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and China.
Hibex Mission
Hibex is highly focus on meeting the challenges of our customers. Our mission as a T.S.P is to
Listen to the customers, Deliver the solutions and Exceed beyond their expectations.