Corporate Profile
Lines of Business
PCB Division
BT Resin, Copper Clad Laminates
Mechanical Brushes/Buff
Sponge Rollers
Dry Film Lamination Rollers
Micro Etching Chemicals
Wet Process Equipment
Handling Equipment
X-Ray Guide Hole Drilling
Diamond/ Tungsten Cutters
Micron Drill Bits
PCB Entry Sheet ( LE-Sheet)
RP-System ( Moisture, Oxygen & Corrosive Gas Absorbent)
PCBA Division
Inspection Scopes
Re-work Stations (IC & BGA)
Soldering & De-soldering Tools
Soldering Robot
In-Line AOI Inspection Machine
Automatic Metal Stencil Cleaner
AOI Inspection Machine
ESD products
Solvent Recovery System
HIOS Electric Torque Screwdrivers ( brush & brushless type)
HIOS Torque Meters
HIOS Repair & Calibration
HIOS Spare parts
Semiconductor Division
Testers and Handlers
UV Dicing & Back Grinding tapes
UV Tape Curing Machine
Wafer Tape Mounter
Lapping, Grinding & Polishing
Machines ( LCD, Substrate, Wafer, HD media)
In-Circuit Testers (MDA)
Test Fixtures
Functional Fixtures
Semiconductor Test Sockets
Solar Cell & LTCC Industry
Micro-Tec Screen Printing Machine