Our Expertise
We provide one-stop solution for our customers in PCBA, PCB, SMT and semiconductor industry. We offer an extremely wide range of products like manufacturing tools and equipments, inspection systems, consumable materials, cleaners, chemicals, ESD products and etc, coupled with professional consultation and incomparable good services, just to make our customers to have a trustable and capable manufacturing partner as well as trouble-free solutions.
Engineering (Tester/Fixtures) Process Flow:
  1) Sales rep visit customer
  2) Sales rep brings back info and hold meeting with R&D group and specialists.
  3) Quote to customer once the idea, concepts, design and costing is done.
  4) Sales rep follows up customer regarding other issues especially pricing. If necessary, sales rep will visit customer
again with R&D group for further clarification and discussion.
  5) Once order is confirmed, first set (prototype) will be fabricated within a preset lead time
  6) Quality check is done before send to customer.
  7) First set will be test run and checked by customer, the tester/fixture may need to be modified according to customer comments.
  8) Following sets will be fabricated and delivered to customer in time.
  9) Services including debugging, set-up, maintenance, minor modification and etc, are provided to customer till the
tester/fixture is satisfactory.
    Testers and fixtures are welcomed to be custom-made according to customer's requirement such a way that meets customer's satisfaction with reputable standard and quality. Greatest achievement comes from the most effective route. As usual, our knowledgeable sales representatives will come to you by providing valuable ideas to your inquiries. Discussions will be hold with our professional R&D group and experienced specialists to give brilliant ideas and a best design, and thus provide you a quotation with our best price and conceptual drawing as well in a fastest response. Once all the concepts and price are accepted, the tester/fixtures will be fabricated within a promised lead time with our best quality. Services including debugging and set-up will always there for you to complementing our sole aim, total solutions and services.