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Brushless Screwdriver (DC type) | BL


- Thanks to ultra-powerful brushless motor, durability and stability have improved.
- There is no carbon powder emission and maintains a clean environment.
- Significant durability improvement considerably reduces maintenance cost.
- Reduces the temperature rise of the motor by about 30% and mitigates problems related to heating.
- Two types of start systems (push and lever) are available with one screwdriver (not applicable to BL-2000).
- High-speed rotation shortens the tightening time and improves work efficiency.

BL-2000 / BL-2000SS / BL-3000 / BL-3000SS / BL-5000 / BL-5000SS / BL-5000-15 / BL-5020 / BL-7000 / BL-7000HT

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