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Brushless Screwdriver (DC type) Built-in Pulse Counter | BC2

With This - No Mistakes


- Detect errors in screw fastening in real time with high accuracy by counting the pulse of the motor.
- Misplaced screws of different type or length, recessed screws or floating screws due to seized cables are now detected.
- Direct teaching allows a simple setting
- Display panel indicates qty of the screws needed to be fastened.
- Installed serial port (RS-232C) makes it possible to set the driver by remote control and record pulse values of each
screw tightening for traceability?

BLG-4000BC2-LT / BLG-4000BC2 / BLG-5000BC2 / BLG-5000BC2-15 / BLG-5000BC2-18 / BLG-5000BC2-HT / BLG-7000BC2

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