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Brushless Screwdriver (DC type) Screw Counter / Pulse Counter | ZERO1

Anyone can be a skilled craftsman in Just 30 Seconds

- Direct Teaching
Setting can be easily done by pressing a button. Time and effort for setting will be significantly saved by directly
fastening several screws into the work pieces and allowing the driver to automatically learn the number of rotating pulses of the motor (the setting value is +10% of the maximum count and -10% of the minimum count) from the start to the completion of screw fastening.
- Pulse System
By counting the number of rotating pulses of the motor, the system precisely judges screw fastening errors such as the mixing of a wrong type of screw, a floating screw, a Cam out recess, a stripped screw hole and a cross threaded screw.
- Screw Counter
It displays the remaining number of screws to fasten every time a screw is fastened.

BLG-4000ZERO1 / BLG-5000ZERO1 / BLG-5000ZERO1-15 / BLG-5000ZERO1-18 / BLG-5000ZERO1-HT

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