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Desktop Robots - JR2203NERT / PCB Depaneling / PCB Cutting

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Main Features

  • Easy Program Teaching
  • Board Cutting


            We combined the precision of the JR2000NE series with a high-quality spindle motor unit for stress-free board cutting.

  • Fewer Defects

            The JR2000NE optical encoder combines with a bit load detection sensor function for "Double-check" quality control.

  • High Rigidity Makes for High Precision

            The base is made of a single aluminium alloy die cast and the column is from an aluminium alloy extrusion with a highly rigid cross section which gives the robot overall a stable structure.

  • Labyrinth Mechanism

            The work table's special labyrinth mechanism prevents foreign objects such as screws, solvents, liquids and dust from getting inside the robot.

  • Original Software "JR C-Points"

            Our software is specially designed for board cutting jobs.

  • Customizing Function

            This allows you to register job data as a functional system and then create your own software by making your own settings.

  • Ample Program and Point Memory Capacity

            Saves up to 255 programs (30,000 points).

  • Simple Sequencer

            The built-in simple sequencer works independent from the robot's operation and can carry out 100 programs or 1000 steps.

  • Choose from among 10 different display languages

            Switch back and forth between these languages: Japanese?English?German?Italian?Spanish?French?Korean?Simplified Chinese?Czech?Vietnamese.

  • Choose different measurement units

            Switch between coordinate values displayed in either mm or inches.