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HME-650W/WF Trimming and Beveling machine for Multilayer PWB
Sofmix Inc

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Trimming and Beveling machine for Multilayer PWB

An innovation for the trimming process of Multilayer PWB. Realized an amazing save energy and change of the out-shape trimming system for the multilayer PWB.


1. This special cutting system is available for any kind of Multilayer materials such as the halogen-free materials and can reduce the cutting cost greatly.

2. Multilayer cupper and board can be cut smoothly and trouble free from the cutting tips by using the special cutting system.

3. After the X-ray drilling process, this machine detects these 2 guide hole with CCD camera, and then perform the trimming & beveling operation based on these guide hole.

4. Compact design and special cutting system can realize the save energy and smaller installation space (Approx. power: 5A-AC200V 3P Space: 5500x2550 mm). An easy maintenance is realized by excluding the slitters operation.

5. Compact body rearized reducing installation space by 40%

6. The PC with HME-650W/WF can control all machines in the line.

7. An unified control is possible by using PC network. Full automatic operation is also available by connecting with x-ray drilling machine.