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Precision tabletop semi-automatic taping device. This is a taping machine that manually inserts semiconductors, etc. into the embossed carrier tape, and automatically performs cover tape sealing and reel winding.

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-Ideal for low-volume, high-mix production
The tape width is compatible with 8 to 72 mm, and the product type can be easily replaced by replacing the rail slide, seal iron, and cover tape guide / adapter.
-Defective product detection function
The insertion error sensor detects insertion errors (floating) and presence / absence (toothlessness) of parts. If it is defective, the device will stop automatically.
-Stable peel strength
Since the seal iron is manufactured according to the customer's taping specifications, stable peel strength can be obtained. In addition, since the equipment is precision processing rather than sheet metal processing, it can be operated with high accuracy for many years.
-Easy operation with touch panel
The device is small and lightweight, so it can be installed in a small space. The touch panel on the front of the operation allows you to set the reader, trailer, number of insertions, etc. with a single touch, and the speed control is standard equipment, so you can drive according to the operator.
-Can be installed in automatic machines
As a taping unit, it can be installed according to the customer's line system (optional).